What makes one slot different from another? Do they only differ in their presentation, as dyes for the same mass? We will see that no, much more than exploring different themes and audiovisual effects, slot machines vary from one to another in many aspects that affect gameplay and prizes.

Knowing how to choose a slot that suits your needs will make gambling even more fun and will also help you achieve your goals, whether it’s just passing the time or trying to take home a big win.

What is a slot machine and what are its main features

A slot machine is a mechanical, electromechanical or electronic device, intended for bets based on combinations of reels. Also called slot, slot machine or slot machine, this equipment originated in the United States more than a century ago.

Today, slots still persist in land-based casinos, but online slots are becoming more and more abundant, where players can have fun and try their luck from the comfort of home or wherever they are. Keep in mind the key features to avoid slots mistakes the next time you enter the online casino.

The number of reels

The number of reels is the first important feature of a slot machine, even above the theme. The reels of a slot machine contain the figures available in the game and their correct combination leads to the payment of the bet.

Slots began as mechanical, coin-operated or token-operated machines with only three reels. So it was quite easy for the bettor to tell if his combination was winning or not, simply by seeing if three of the same symbols appeared. Currently, online slots feature machines with up to 10 reels. Machines with fewer reels tend to appeal to more traditional players, while high reels are the choice of bold players.

Display lines

Display lines

If the first slot machine had only three reels, it can be said that it had only one display line; that is, the player saw only the result of the reels in a line. Over time, more reels and consequently more display lines emerged, and it is not uncommon to find slots with 10 or more lines nowadays.

Although this makes it a bit more difficult to tell if the bettor has a winning combination or not, increasing the number of lines also allows you to increase the number of winning combinations, also called pay lines. Some games have more than 1000 winning combinations and the bettor does not need to memorize them, since the game itself announces the prize.

The theme

After the reels and lines, the theme is the next element to be determined. With the proliferation of online slots, today there are options for all tastes: romantic slots, adventure slots, for geeks or for refined ladies. The theme helps the bettor to position himself in the game and is also responsible for keeping the bettor focused.

Some slots offer the possibility to enjoy mini games, such as toss, shooting or roulette games, which will determine a special game, such as a bonus round, for example.

Return to player rate

The RTP (Return To Player) is the rate of return to the player; that is, the percentage of the value that the house pays in relation to the total volume received by the machine. You might think that it is the opposite of the house advantage. So, the higher the RTP of a machine, the less money the slot keeps for the house and the more money it pays out in prizes.

The ideal RTP for a player looking to not lose would be close to 100%, but this would make the game unfeasible for the sportsbook, so slots that offer more than 95% are considered good RTP games. An RTP above 97% is considered excellent for the player.



Volatility refers to the certainty of an event. In the case of a slot machine, the volatility informs the frequency with which the bettor will obtain a winning bet. If the machine has a high volatility, it means that the player will be able to make many plays without necessarily getting a winning combination.

Low volatility machines pay much more winning combinations than high volatility ones. It is necessary to emphasize that a high volatility machine will offer low payouts, but these will be high prizes. Low volatility machines will offer a lot of payouts, but they will be small sums.


The pot is the famous “pot of gold”. In jackpot machines, each individual bet contributes a small fraction to a large pool that the machine will unload at any given time. This moment is random and does not require a large bet, which means that a single chip bettor can hit the jackpot.

Hot Drop jackpots are paid out after a target is reached, either above a certain amount or after a certain amount of time, so it really pays to be aware of the days or hours, or even money limits, that Hot Drop jackpots drop coins.

Win with slots

Now that you know more about slots, you can choose the one that best suits your needs in terms of number of reels or display lines, theme, and indices such as RTP and volatility. Remember that all Bodog slots are supervised and audited by independent consultants, which means that you can play safely and calmly.

Slots are really fun and easy to play. Choose the slot that best suits your momentary needs and then hit the spin button… and may luck be with you!

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