Another very common type of bet are lotteries. Usually these bets are placed physically. However, for some time now, people who bet on lotteries have been getting used to their online versions. Learn about the main lotteries.

Chili lotus

This is the most popular and simple Chilean lottery. Here, you choose six numbers between 1 and 41 on one ticket. If your numbers match the numbers drawn in the draw, you will receive a prize proportional to the number of numbers matched.

There are also types of bets in Loto de Chile: Loto Clásico, Recargado, Loto Revancha, Loto Revenge, Retirement and Multiply.

Chilean Kino

The Kino is a lottery in which you choose 14 numbers between 1 and 25. The Kino prize varies with the number of hits: it can go from 10 to 14 hits. This lottery is divided into four prize categories (Rekino, Pig Regalón, Combo Marraqueta, Chao Jefe for life $500,000) and an additional prize.

Dick ticket

Polla Boleto is one of the oldest lotteries. The game consists of betting on a certain number and waiting for it to appear among the six tombolas of the draw. Of these six raffles, five have 10 balls numbered 0-9 and one has 20 balls numbered 1-20. The more whole numbers you bet, the higher your chances of winning.

Lottery ticket

Lottery ticket

This is the oldest lottery game. Here, you bet on a whole number or one twentieth of that number. In the draw, which takes place every Sunday, the winners of the whole numbers win a prize of $500,000 . In turn, those who bet on the twentieth, take the twentieth part of this value.

At last I got him

There are two options to bet on Al Fin Le Achunté: the Simple bet and the All bet. In the Simple bet, the bettor competes for prizes of the Millionaire Pool and the Sueldazo of $2,000,000 pesos per month for a year. In the With Everything option, in addition to the Millionaire Jackpot, the Salary prize of $2,000,000 pesos per month can be extended for 5, 10 or 20 years.

Lotus 3

Loto 3 is a type of fast lottery, that is, with daily draws. There are five categories of bets in Loto 3: exact, even trio, random trio, even and completion. Each category has the required number of hits and specific prizes. To participate, the player must bet a multiple of $100, with a minimum bet of $200 and a maximum of $10,000.

Online casino gambling

In addition to sports betting and lotteries, there is also betting on casino games. For those who want to gamble, but don’t like sports, casinos are a great option. Come and learn about some of the main types of online casino.

How to bet on online poker?

bet on online poker

Famous throughout the world, poker is perhaps the most played card game today. Placing bets on online poker is very simple: just look for a secure online casino page and look at online poker tournaments.

If you are not yet a very expert in this game, we advise you to look for online tables with low buy-ins (the value paid to play a tournament).

How to bet on blackjack online?

Blackjack is another very popular card game in casinos, ideal for math lovers. If you want to play or learn how to play blackjack, find an online casino platform and sign up today.

How to bet on online roulette?

The game that most characterizes the popular image of casinos is roulette. The giant table and the sound of the ball running through the numbers is in everyone’s imagination. Also, to bet on roulette, you don’t have to be an expert, just be lucky.

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